Baby’s First Christmas Gift Guide

As we are approaching Christmas, I have been looking for gifts for my son’s first Christmas. Since it will be his first Christmas, I wanted to pick up some memorable items for him as well as some essentials that he actually needs (clothing, shoes etc.) Personally, I find the idea of spending an excessive amount of money on a baby at Christmas quite pointless since he or she won’t appreciate the gift or even know it’s Christmas. That being said, Mama and Papa can definitely appreciate the gifts and use the occasion as an excuse to buy those things that you saw over the last few months whilst shopping around but thought they weren’t worth it or they were too expensive. I’ve definitely found myself in those situations more times than I’d care to admit and my son is only one month old!

That being said, we have definitely managed to pick up some toys for Jack that I’m so excited for him to use since I think he will actually be able to use them very soon and they are so well made! For ease of reading my list, I’ve split it into two : Clothing & Toys. The first part of the list will be all of the clothing/accessories items that we’ve picked up and the second is more “discovery” toys and items for his bedroom.


Ugg boot

Firstly, I’ve put on his list a warm pair of shoes. Since it will be snowing here over Christmas and well into the New Year, I thought it would be a great idea to find some cosy boots for him to stay snug in. Naturally, I thought about Ugg and put these on my list. These are a great high-end gift for a little one at Christmas – definitely not something I would give as a gift other than to my own child since they are fairly expensive. That being said, if you like the idea of giving a cosy winter boot, definitely check out Zara Kids or even H&M since they have some really cute pieces!

Christmas Jumper

I couldn’t not celebrate our baby’s first Christmas and not put him in a cute Christmas jumper. That would be breaking all Christmas rules! This is such a nice gift for a baby’s first Christmas. Not only is this gift not super expensive, it’s also something that I think a lot of Mum’s would love to recieve. Nothing is cuter than a baby in a Christmas jumper, plus there are so many nice ones to choose from – plus I find that I don’t want to buy them since he will only wear it once? So chances are it would make a great gift!

Snow suit

Perfect for this time of year, why not pick up a snow suit for your little one? Not only is this a lovely gift, it’s also practical for the cold winter months!


We recently picked up this exact snood bandana for Jack for his first Christmas this year and I can’t wait for him to open it (well, me or David ;)) to see how cute he looks in it! This is a great gift for a stylish Mum and how about a bandana for Mum to match?!


I love hats for Jack since they look so adorable and they keep him warm. Especially these kinds of hats since they cover his ears and they’re so much harder for him to pull off! David and I have recently purchased this hat and matching ones for me and him for this Christmas!


Even though I think socks for newborns are so so so unpractical since they will never (literally never) keep them on their feet, who doesn’t love a cosy pair of Christmas socks?! (Plus they look super cute on the Christmas photos)


For Jack’s first Christmas, I wanted to pick out toys that would be practical for him to use now or in the next few months, looked aesthetically pleasing and wouldn’t take up too much room in our home (forget those big plastic toys I had when I was younger or overly sized play mats that take up half of the nursery).


The first thing I deicided to pick up was rattles that he can wear on his wrist. Since Jack is just over a month old over Christmas, I thought these would be great for tummy time or even when I’m changing his nappy to get him discovering different sounds and shapes and help him with his co-ordiantion with his arms.

Small animal

Following the same kind of pattern of thought, I also added this small animal to Jack’s Christmas list since he has started to show interest in grabbing things recently and I thought this was a great way to keep his interest.

Family Photo Album

Ok so this is my favourite gift that I picked up for Jack. Since he has his grandparents on my side who live in England, he doesn’t get to see them too often. I thought by putting together a photo album of different family members faces, it would be a great way to make them feel more familiar to Jack.

Play Gym

A more expensive gift idea (the most expensive one on my list), which admittedly I have not purchased for Jack. One, because I don’t yet feel like it is a necessary purchase for him yet and two, the prices are enough to put me off! I think this would be a great gift if you are looking to spend a bit more on your present.

Discovery Book

This discovery book is a great gift that isn’t super expensive like a play gym and is portable (you can leave this in the nursery for tummy time or attach it to the bar on your push chair for when you venture out). I’m a huge fan of discovery books and this one is made so well and makes a beautiful gift.

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